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April 28, 2010 10:20 AM

It was a tough job for Casey Affleck – making onscreen love to Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, but someone had to do it.

“For both Jessica and Kate, all the scenes involve being in bed with [Casey’s character] and either having sex or some sort of violence,” The Killer Inside Me‘s director, Michael Winterbottom – slightly exaggerating the point – told PEOPLE as his film was premiering Tuesday at New York’s Tribeca Film festival.

When it came to his clothing-optional scenes with his curvaceous costars, Affleck, 34, told PEOPLE that Alba, 29, and Hudson, 31, “helped me by being very relaxed about it, very professional.”

As for the sex scenes with Hudson, “She’s easy to work with. She doesn’t take anything too seriously. She’s always having a good time,” he said.

Airbrushing Body Parts

Possibly revealing too many behind-the-scenes secrets, Affleck added: “They both had these strange, life-like, mannequin body doubles – meaning that when it comes to doing a nude scene, “It’s not that uncomfortable. Everyone’s wearing clothes, and they go and airbrush out the bra and the Speedo.”

Not that being alone with a shirtless Affleck was any trouble for Hudson. “Not really. I’ve never had that kind of hang-up,” she said on the red carpet. And her nude scenes? “As long as it’s not too crazy. It wasn’t awkward. It’s always a little awkward.”

And while she plays a prostitute, “There was no nudity on my part,” said Alba – obviously interpreting as wearing only pasties and underpants as not being nude.

“Yeah,” she said. “I still didn t show anything.”

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