By Stephen M. Silverman And Lyndsey Whistler
September 09, 2003 08:40 AM

The unusual trio of Jerry Springer, Armand Assante and supermodel Eva Herzigovina joined a throng of fans Monday night to mark the London premiere of “Citizen Verdict,” a new movie starring the contentious TV host and the brooding actor, PEOPLE reports.

Herzigovina, resplendent in fuchsia tights and a little black dress, posed for pictures, munched popcorn and chatted to guests in the foyer of the theater before joining Springer and Assante for cocktails at a post-screening party held in the exclusive club, Red Cube.

“I play a complete s—,” Springer, 59, told Britain’s Channel 4 about his role as a corrupt TV producer named Marty Rockman.

In the movie, which also stars Roy Scheider and was directed by Philippe Martinez (producer of 1999’s “The Contract,” with Jeff Fahey), Rockman creates the reality show “Citizen Verdict,” in which a real criminal case is tried before the American public and documented all the way to the convict’s death, should that be the verdict.

Springer — who is the subject of an opera currently running in London that’s due to surface on Broadway next season — also had a few words for PEOPLE on his plans to pursue an acting career.

“Let’s just say I don’t think De Niro has anything to worry about,” he said. “Movies are fun to do now and then, but I’m not a trained actor, so it isn’t a priority for me. This isn’t what I do.”