By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated December 29, 2003 01:00 PM

Quoth Jerry Seinfeld on Saddam Hussein’s capture: “This is the first person I have ever seen you can literally say to him, ‘You don’t know your a– from a hole in the ground.”

So said the veteran standup during an hourlong routine Friday night at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, reports the New York Post, noting that Seinfeld, 49, received a standing ovation. He did a two-night stand at Caesars, three shows in all. And he’s not stopping there.

From Vegas, says the paper, Seinfeld is headed to Oakland, Calif., on Jan. 9 and 10; Austin, Texas, on Jan. 16 and 17; and San Bernardino, Calif., on Jan 23. He’ll then remain on the road — returning home to wife Jessica Sklar and their children (3-year-old daughter Sascha and 9-month-old son Julian) in New York in-between gigs — all the way through September.

“After nine fantastic years working on the show ‘Seinfeld,’ Jerry decided to return to stand-up because it is really what he loves to do,” his spokeswoman, Elizabeth Clark, tells the Post.

A sample of what was heard at Caesars Palace, where tickets ranged from $75 to $150: On TV pharmaceutical ads that don’t explain what the drugs do, Seinfeld said, “Why do they show you ads of people just climbing on rocks? ‘I’m on the purple pill.’ Why are you on the purple pill? Does it make your hands sticky so you can climb the rocks?”

After his act, Seinfeld fielded questions from the audience. Asked if his eponymous TV show would ever come back, he responded that it would, when “all four careers are definitely in the toilet.”