The comedian jokes about accusations against Jessica Seinfeld and her cookbook

By People Staff
Updated October 30, 2007 12:35 PM

Video courtesy Late Show

Jerry Seinfeld turned his wife’s recent cookbook controversy into a comedy bit Monday night, telling David Letterman he and Jessica Seinfeld are paying no mind to the “wackos.”

“One of the fun facts of celebrity life is that wackos will wait in the woodwork to pop out at certain moments to inject a little adrenaline,” he said on CBS’s Late Show Monday night.

The former Must-See star, 53, who was on the show to promote his Bee Movie, couldn’t help but chime in on what he’s dubbed the “vegetable plagiarism” controversy surrounding his wife Jessica’s best-seller Deceptively Delicious – namely, claims that some of the recipes weren’t hers.

“If you’re any good as a woodwork wacko, you’re patient. You pick your moment and then you spring out and go wacko,” Seinfeld told Letterman. “There’s another woman who had another cookbook. And it was a similar kind of thing. My wife never saw the book, read the book, never used the book. But the books came out at the same time. So this woman says ‘I sense this could be wacko moment,’ so she comes out and accuses my wife.

“So now,” he adds, “my wife is accused of a Watergate-style break-in at [publisher] Harper Collins!”