"They're only having sex when I'm dead," says the future dad of twin girls

By Rennie Dyball
Updated August 22, 2008 03:15 PM
Credit: Kevin Kane/WireImage

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn‘s twin girls aren’t even born yet, but the excited dad-to-be is already preparing to monitor his daughters’ love lives.

“They’re only having sex when I’m dead,” O’Connell, 34, joked to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. “If they don’t date boys at all and just want to be infatuated with their father, that’s what I’m really going for. The nunnery!”

Still, the actor says he’s thrilled to have girls, for whom he and Romijn, 35, are considering rhyming names. “I think I’m going to be good [at] raising girls,” he said. “I can’t wait. They’re going to be tough chicks.”

As for O’Connell’s No.-1 tough chick, Romijn is “doing great,” he says, and “getting big … Rebecca is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to the O’Connell family tree.”