Jerry O'Connell: No Bad Blood with Tom

The actor hears Cruise thought his parody video was "pretty funny"

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage; Anita Bugge/WireImage

Fortunately for Jerry O’Connell, Tom Cruise has a sense of humor.

The Carpoolers star – who spoofed Cruise’s infamous Scientology video on Will Ferrell’s – said he’s heard through the Hollywood grapevine that the megastar got a chuckle from the clip.

“I heard through some mutual friends that he thought it was pretty funny,” O’Connell (who costarred with Cruise in 1996’s Jerry Maguire) told PEOPLE at the Maxim Super Bowl party on Friday.

The actor added that the parody was just “a joke” and that he was careful “not to mention one group or any one person.”

So what prompted the creation of the clip? Sheer boredom! O’Connell said he an fellow Carpooler Jerry Minor were simply killing time during the ongoing writers’ strike.

“We were being funny every day at work. And now that’s stopped,” he explained. “I was driving my wife [Rebecca Romijn] crazy – she said I was talking to much. [So, Minor] and I were spit-balling one day and came up with the idea.”

Still, the actor had no idea the clip would become such a phenomenon.

The shoot took just a few “hours,” he said. “I thought a couple of our friends would watch it and that would be about it.” And the rest is Internet history.

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