June 28, 2004 08:00 AM

SCRAPPED: Chicago Republicans have been left scrambling after Senate candidate Jack Ryan, 44, the ex-husband of Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, abandoned his bid. The investment banker turned would-be politician found his campaign torpedoed by the recent release of documents from the couple’s 1999 divorce proceedings, in which the actress accused her ex of taking her to sex clubs and pressuring her to have sex in public.

INJURED: David Bowie has canceled shows in Europe after a pinched nerve forced him offstage during a show in Prague last Wednesday, the BBC reports. The 57-year-old rocker went on to perform Friday in Germany, but then spent the night in a hospital complaining of pain in his shoulder and missed a festival performance over the weekend. Bowie has now canceled concerts in Austria scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday while he recuperates.

BOOKED: Canadian songstress Celine Dion and baby photographer Anne Geddes are collaborating on the family-friendly, multimedia Miracle project, due out in October, the Associated Press reports. The collection of songs and images will celebrate the mother-child bond, noted the Las Vegas-based singer, who in January 2001 became the mother of baby Ren -Charles Ang lil. Long before I became a mother, I admired and appreciated the beautiful way (Geddes) photographs babies,” Dion, 36, said in a statement. “It’s wonderful to be able to work with her on this very special project which celebrates children.”

LISTED: Dramatic duo Jessica Lange, 55, and Sam Shepard, 60, are selling the Minnesota mansion that has been their home for nine years, notes AP. The couple is seeking $3.3 million for the 12-room hilltop Victorian, a former bed and breakfast in the town of Stillwater; Lange and Shepard bought the house and adjoining property for a total of $540,000 in 1995.

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