'Jeopardy' a Sure Winner

“Double Jeopardy” — starring Tommy Lee Jones, about a woman (Ashley Judd) wrongly imprisoned for her husband’s murder — killed the competition in the weekend box-office race. Hollywood’s other major debuts, including the somber (and critically lambasted) Robin Williams drama “Jakob the Liar,” got off to weak starts. Estimated ticket sales this weekend:

1. “Double Jeopardy,” $23.7 million
2. “Blue Streak,” $13.2 million
3. “The Sixth Sense,” $8.5 million
4. “For Love of the Game,” $6.6 million
5. “American Beauty, $6 million
6. “Stigmata,” $4.8 million
7. “Stir of Echoes,” $2.3 million
8. “Jakob the Liar,” $2.2 million
9. “Mumford,” $2 million
10. “Runaway Bride,” $1.6 million

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