Jenny Jones denied ever trying to embarrass guests on her talk show as she testified during a civil trial in Michigan to determine whether the alleged humiliation of one such guest led to murder. “I treat the guests on the show the same way I would expect to be treated if I appeared on the show — with respect,” Jones said Monday. Jones said the show was not responsible for the 1995 death of Scott Amedure, 32, who revealed during a show’s taping that he had a crush on Jonathan Schmitz.

  • Authorities say Schmitz killed Amedure three days later. The Amedure family is suing “The Jenny Jones Show” and its producer, Warner Bros., for $50 million, alleging that the show tricked a mentally troubled Schmitz into appearing on an episode, then humiliated him by telling him on camera that his secret admirer was Amedure. The segment never aired.
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