April 12, 2017 06:06 PM


Jenny Slate continues to prove there is real admiration between her and ex-boyfriend Chris Evans.

The actress is promoting their new movie Gifted and talked to PEOPLE Now about how the love between the two of them and their costar Octavia Spencer was genuine.

“We all love each other so much, and it’s a real real love,” Slate says. “I mean, I have gone on and on about how beautiful Chris is. He is, inside and out.”

Slate and Evans split in early February after dating since last summer. The former couple met on the set of the drama last year where sources told PEOPLE their connection was undeniable. When they weren’t busy filming, Evans and Slate would spend much of their free time hanging out together.

Slate also recounts the first time she realized what a special set she was on when the cast went out together for the first time.

“They already knew each other,” Slate recalls. “On one of the first times we all hung out, they were talking about Snowpiercer and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, this is a real friendship.’ And for me, I just want the real thing. I just really want to be able to use my heart immediately and be a real person and live a life. And they’re down to do that.”

Gifted is in theaters now.

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