The comedian opens up about a recent blind date that went very awry
Credit: David Becker/WireImage

Jenny McCarthy is single and looking but applicants must meet certain criteria – especially after one recent horrific date.

“Because of that date I do a criteria check before every date,” the host of The Jenny McCarthy Show told PEOPLE over the weekend in Las Vegas. “Number one is, ‘Do you like kids?’ And number two is, ‘Do you have kids?’ ”

The first question may sound like a bit of a no-brainer considering she’s a mother of an 10-year-old, but one recent potential suitor didn’t quite share McCarthy’s same feelings about family life.

“I was set up by a friend. I flew to the city this guy was in. That s how much I believe in love,” she said. “I checked into a hotel, got ready. I went to the restaurant and sat down. Five minutes – maybe two minutes into the conversion – he talked about how much he despised kids.”

The man even knew ahead of time that McCarthy was a mother.

“He wanted to set the tone that he wasn’t planning on being a substitute father but he was there for a good time,” she says. “I didn’t even get to the check. I said, ‘Excuse me.’ I got up and grabbed my purse and walked out the door and flew home.”

On Saturday, McCarthy celebrated the renewal of her VH1 show by relaxing at Las Vegas’s Encore Beach Club. Meanwhile, she had one eye on the dressed-down men.

“I’m looking,” she jokes. “I’m not looking that hard because I’m so busy, but I’m looking. My ears and my chest is open. I mean, my heart … is open.”