A-list stars really prove they know how to get into character for "Just One of the Guys" video


Imagine Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson as guys – in ’70s-inspired Adidas tracksuits, flat-bill ball caps and gristly porn-staches, as they breakdance in all-white suits.

A modern nod to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video, perhaps?

Not quite, but why the disguises? It’s for Jenny Lewis‘s new video for her song “Just One of the Guys.”

As for Lewis’s outfit, she dons a teal tracksuit and scraggly beard.

Her video, which debuted on GQ Tuesday morning, pulls heavily from the androgynous undertones of the indie darling’s upcoming album, The Voyager, to be released in its entirety July 29.

As described by GQ, the new album, Lewis’s most personal to date, addresses her coming to terms with the 2010 death of her estranged father and the subsequent split of her former band, Rilo Kiley.

“I really wanted to wear a suit for this album,” Lewis told PEOPLE last month. “I wanted something a bit more androgynous than what I had previously worn.”

As for her accompanists, the starlets-turned-rock-stars make for pretty convincing guys, what with Hathaway’s sultry stares, rattail and funky-fresh dance moves – to say nothing of Stewart’s “I’m the man” facial expressions.

“It’s really awesome to have something to wear to help you get into the character of the record,” Lewis says of her innovative costume choices.

To see what she means, check out the video below.

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