Jennifer Mee denies being a killer but admits the notoriety put her on the "path to the devil"

By People Staff
Updated April 28, 2011 09:00 AM
Credit: Splash News Online

When Jennifer Mee broke into unstoppable hiccups on the Today show in 2007, the Florida teen gained national notoriety, only to discover that she couldn’t handle the attention.

“I let it all go to my head and just started doing what I wanted to do,” she says in a recent interview on Today. I took the path of the devil.”

Authorities claim that path ended in murder. Mee, 19, is among three people charged in St. Petersburg, Fla., with the killing of Shannon Griffin. The 22-year-old-man was allegedly lured to a vacant apartment for a $60 marijuana deal and then fatally shot in a robbery.

Mee, who is charged along with her boyfriend and another man, allegedly met Griffin on a Web site called MocoSpace, then sent him text messages directing him to the apartment on Oct. 23, 2010.

Police have executed search warrants to find the messages, the The Tampa Tribune reports.

Reads one text, allegedly sent by Mee to Griffin: “cum to groove n 7th st north,” the newspaper reports.

“ok im on 7th and grove,” replies Griffin.

“Am cumin. Call me,” Mee allegedly texts back

Griffin’s body was found in a building at 511 7th Street North, a block away from Grove Street North.

Mee acknowledges using poor judgment and making bad choices in friends but denies being a killer, even though she reportedly confessed in a police interview. She has since recanted that confession.

“I thought since I was famous so young, nothing would happen to me,” she tells Today, explaining why she initially implicated herself. “So I went with a story that I thought I wouldn’t get in trouble with. But in reality, it put me behind bars.”

Mee didn’t hiccup during the most recent interview. But her attorney, John Trevena, says Mee still suffers occasional hiccupping episodes caused by Tourette’s syndrome and that he intends to use her condition in her defense case.