Jennifer Love Hewitt's New Boyfriend Cooks a 'Great Turkey'

The actress cozied up to her new, "old-fashioned" beau, actor-director Alex Beh

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Jennifer Love Hewitt says she has reason to be smitten with her new beau, Alex Beh: He’s handsome, he opens doors for her – and he’ll come in handy on Thanksgiving.

“I didn’t know he made a great turkey until right now,” the actress, 31, told PEOPLE at the Rock the Kasbah gala in L.A. “We’re learning every day.”

From John Mayer to her Ghost Whisperer costar Jamie Kennedy, Hewitt has had enough dating experience to fill a book – and that’s just what she did in her advice tome, The Day I Shot Cupid, published in March. And it’s a book the actor, 28, has studied, saying he “enjoyed it” and that it was “a great time.”

The couple cozied up hand-in-hand on the red carpet, Beh’s arm around her waist. But it’s not just the glammed-up Hewitt he’s attracted to, he says.

“Any look that she has,” he tells PEOPLE of his favorite Hewitt ensemble. “Any time she looks at me.”

Hewitt is also heeding the advice she dished out in her book in her relationship with Beh, whom she described as an “old-fashioned” gentleman.

As she says, “I do feel like me kind of writing it helped me sort of get to where I needed to be in order to know that he was there.”

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