The actress says her mother is okay with her playing a prostitute, but asks if she could "do an animated movie next"

By Mark Gray
Updated July 19, 2010 07:00 PM
Credit: Jacob Andrzejczak

Jennifer Love Hewitt has struggled with her body image – but she has no problem embracing a racy new role.

The actress, who has been hitting the gym and staying in shape, stars as a prostitute in Lifetime’s The Client List, which airs Monday. And while the revealing part isn’t every mother’s dream, Hewitt’s mom has a sense of humor about it.

“She thinks it’s hilarious,” the Ghost Whisperer star told PEOPLE at Palazzo Las Vegas’s Azure Luxury Pool over the weekend. “She was like, ‘So let’s review … For 15 years people have been talking about your boobs. Earlier this year, you wrote about your hoo haw in a book. Now you’re playing a crack ho on TV.’ She was like, ‘Do you think maybe you could do an animated movie next?’ “

Though she wants to honor her mother’s wishes, Hewitt isn’t opposed to another racy role.

“I like pushing the edge,” she says. “The thing I love is that people have allowed me to push it to a certain point and then back off of it and not have to go too far. As long as they can let me do that, I’m all up for the role.”

As for her body, Hewitt says “I think it’s really nice when I get named, like, 50 Hottest Bodies. That kind of stuff is good, but the rest, I’m good if they never talk about it again.”