"She's the most supportive person I've ever been with," says Jamie Kennedy
Credit: Jen Lowery/Startraks

When Ghost Whisperer star Jamie Kennedy performed his standup act over the weekend at Comix comedy club in New York City, he got some over-the-top help from girlfriend and co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt. She posed for pictures with fans – and worked the merchandise table selling Kennedy’s T-shirts and DVDs.

PEOPLE caught up with Kennedy after his set, and it’s clear the comedian is completely smitten. “I’m really lucky because I get to play all over the United States and my girlfriend comes,” he says. “She’s so amazing, just the most supportive person I’ve ever been with.” In March, Kennedy confirmed the pair were dating.


Hewitt has even used her handicraft skills to help boost sales. “She took my shirts and bedazzled them,” Kennedy says. “She would take regular shirts and put sparkles on them, and we actually sold out of them – people go nuts for them.”

How does Kennedy repay his girlfriend for all her loving support? “After the show she gets Pinkberry,” Kennedy jokes. Kidding aside, he says Hewitt is “writing a country song, and I really want to make her a new demo for her music, because I think she should do singing again. She’s so good.”

The couple have made sure to align their work schedules to spend as much time together as possible. “We’re actually both doing a movie in Philly right now, a drama called Café, and I’m very excited about that,” says Kennedy. “Then we go back to work [on Ghost Whisperer] June 19, and she’s directing the opening episode.”