Jennifer Love Hewitt (“I Know What You Did Last Summer” and TV’s “Party of Five”) proved herself a good sport last night at the 6th annual Fresh Faces in Fashion 2000 event in New York. Hewitt, who last week landed on PEOPLE’s Worst Dressed of 2000 list, said of the judges’ decision, “How could they?” But Hewitt, 21, clearly took the recognition in stride. “Fortunately,” she told PEOPLE, “I really respect other people’s opinions, whether they agree with mine or not.” She then really proved what she’s made of when she admitted, “I have to say, I don’t consider myself a great dresser, either. But I try. The point is, no matter what I look like in their eyes or anyone else’s, I have a great time in everything I have done this year. So whether I look good or not, I walk away feeling good, because I had a good time.”