Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy Have the Same Taste in Men

The new couple bond over laughter and checking out a certain male country star

Photo: Peter Kramer/AP

Jennifer Love Hewitt has had her up and downs in relationships, but the Ghost Whisperer star is “the happiest I’ve ever been” with new boyfriend Jamie Kennedy.

“We just make each other laugh and we’re best friends,” Hewitt told reporters at the premiere of Kennedy’s film, Finding Bliss, at the 14th Annual Gen Art Film Festival in New York City on Tuesday night.

So, when did sparks start to fly? “We’ve known each other for a very long time and there’s just something there. We’ve always had this mutual admiration society,” says Kennedy. “She is the most generous and thoughtful person you’ll ever meet. She’s amazingly talented and people don’t realize that she’s incredibly funny too. She’s a great person to be with.”

Looking svelte in a navy blue Camilla and Marc dress and YSL platform stilettos, Hewitt added: “Him being hilarious is what makes this relationship work. When you’re really funny, there’s nothing really bad that can happen.”

And although the two haven’t been together for “that long,” Hewitt said that they are “very much alike.”

“We do everything the same. We’re very compatible in that way,” she said. In fact, they even like the same men! “He has a total man crush on [Keith Urban]!” Hewitt quipped. “We were [at the Academy of Country Music Awards] and he’s like, ‘that guy’s kind of hot,’ and I’m like ‘I know!’ ”

With so many things in common, however, there is one big difference: “He’s a realist and I’m a dreamer,” Hewitt concluded.

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