"All of it feels like such a blessing. I've lived my life and really markedly made an effort," says the star

After decades in the spotlight, Jennifer Lopez is looking and feeling better than ever, all while juggling a very full plate.

In The Jess Cagle Interview – a wide-ranging sit-down with People and Entertainment Weekly‘s editorial director, the star and mom of 8-year-old twins Max and Emme gets candid about her exes, motherhood and her hopes for her career.

“I’ve always been a hard worker,” says the Shades of Blue star. “I’ve worked hard for many, many years now and to be at a point in my career where I’ve been in it for 20-something years and be getting the opportunities and me having a moment like this where I get to as an artist do all the things that I love to do still … All of it feels like such a blessing.”

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The entertainer – who’s wrapping up judging on American Idol‘s farewell season and performing for her Las Vegas residency – has also figured out the key to having it all.

“It’s my first job to … make sure that’s okay or else I couldn’t do all the other things I do,” Lopez, 46, says of prioritizing her children‘s happiness. Her ex-husband Marc Anthony and current boyfriend Beau “Casper” Smart are “are a big part of that,” she adds. “My relationship with them, our references are always in reference to the kids.”

And though she’s made mistakes in love (“I felt like ‘Okay, this is it.’ [But] sometimes I feel like what you think people are and how you see them when you love them is different than when they reveal later,” she says of her high-profile romance with Ben Affleck), Lopez isn’t focusing on her stumbles.

“I’ve lived my life and tried to grow and tried to get better in the past few years, really markedly made an effort on that and it shows,” she says. “It’s the fruits of your labor of trying to be a good person and trying to do the right thing and continuing to grow as an artist, as a human being. It proves to me that it works, and that’s what I’m going to continue to do.”