She sings about a man's secrets and lies and wonders if she's sure about love
Credit: Seth Browarnik/Startraks

If the question mark in the title of Jennifer Lopez‘s new album Love? didn’t suggest relationship woes, the lyrics of two songs may have.

In her up-tempo latest single “Starting Over,” Lopez, 41, refers to “my man” as a “dog” and a “player,” watching “these dreams falling apart at the seams.”

“All his secrets, all his lies, I just keep pushing ’em out my mind,” she sings.

The song was actually not penned by Lopez. It was co-written and co-produced by Wynter Gordon, who also sings backup vocals on the track, with other writing credits to Nathaniel Mills and Marcella Araica

But on “One Love,” a song she did co-write, Lopez ticks off three previous loves (could they be Diddy, Cris Judd and Ben Affleck?) before she gets to “number four.”

This one “sang to me, but I’m not sure,” she sings. “So worn out, but made me wanna try once more.”