Jennifer Lopez Is 'Very Happy and Blissful'

The new mom of twins tells longtime friend, "I can't take my eyes off of them"

Photo: INF

Just days after giving birth to twins, Jennifer Lopez “sounds very peaceful and happy and blissful,” says her longtime friend, producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas. “She said, ‘I can’t take my eyes off of them.’ ”

Lopez and husband Marc Anthony welcomed their twins – a girl, followed by a boy – shortly after midnight Friday morning.

“She and Marc are so ready for a family,” says Goldsmith-Thomas, who produced Maid in Manhattan. “They love each other so much and built this beautiful life together. It feels like the only thing missing were these children and now they have them.”

At the shower she threw Lopez last month, she recalls, “Someone gave her a charm with ‘Momma’ on it and she started to cry.”

Lopez has finally slowed down too. “She really enjoyed her pregnancy,” notes Goldsmith-Thomas. “She has been nesting. And she has been resting which is different for her. She has really found a balance – before it was a massive amount of work. [Now] she is so excited about these babies.”

When at their Long Island home for dinner a few months ago, Lopez asked her friend if she wanted to see the nursery. “We saw all the baby clothes and we just squealed,” notes Goldsmith-Thomas. “We just stood there and stopped – the reality of it sort of takes your breath away. Marc and Jennifer are twice blessed and they couldn’t be happier.”

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