"Why not?" says the star, who hasn't seen her old boyfriend for a while

May 05, 2010 09:05 AM

Their own film collaboration on Gigli didn’t go so well, but Jennifer Lopez is open to the idea of catching a film starring ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck.

“Would I see a movie of Ben’s? Sure! Why not?” the actress and pop star, 40, tells the U.K. edition of Marie Claire. “I haven’t seen him or talked to him in a while – our lives went in two very different directions. But I always wish him the best and I always thought he was a great person.”

Lopez says she’s also cordial with another high-profile ex – Diddy. “I’ve run into him once or twice, with Marc, and it’s always very friendly,” she says. “He asks about the twins because he has twins, too.”

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But while Lopez is happy to chat about her ex-boyfriends, she is, of course, happily married to Marc Anthony. And in the wake of the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals, she wonders if people are taking the notion of marriage a bit lightly these days.

“It’s just the two of you against the world,” she says. “When you allow other people into that sacred place it becomes a recipe for mistrust and the deterioration of the bond between you. I think people complicate their lives by doing [expletive]-up things.”

On a lighter note, Lopez – now starring in The Back-up Plan – offers some tips for staying healthy in her eating habits.

“One good trick is to have a goal – for me it may be getting in shape for a video shoot,” she says. “Another is portion control. I love to eat everything and you pretty much can – a little piece of something fattening is not going to kill you. It’s when you eat the whole box that it’s going to kill you.”

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