"I was a bit emotional," she explains of her concert breakdown

By Dahvi Shira
Updated October 24, 2011 05:30 PM
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Before her weekend concert, Jennifer Lopez showed no hint of the emotions that would be displayed on stage.

“I was watching her in the dress rehearsal and she was just giddy and having so much fun,” Maria Menounos, who spent time with Lopez, 42, tells PEOPLE. “She seemed really positive and upbeat.”

But when Lopez saw her mom in the audience during a performance of “Until It Beats No More,” she suddenly broke down, she tells Menounos, 33, in an interview airing on Extra Monday night

“I didn’t see her the whole time until this one moment, and I was a bit emotional,” the singer explains in the interview.

As for having dancers re-enact scenes with some of the men from her past, Lopez tells Extra she “wanted to do a section of the show that talked about love [and] different moments in my life.”

Lopez, who calls herself “a regular person like everybody else,” adds, “I have feelings and emotions. My life goes great and it goes not great sometimes. But you know what? We keep going, and that s what it is.”