Lopez is credited with initiating the latest hot trend: long, dramatic eyelashes


Once again, Jennifer Lopez is being singled out as the inspiration for fashion’s latest must-have accessory: false eyelashes.

Back at the 2001 Academy Awards, Lopez’s were made of fox fur and designed by Japanese makeup mogul Shu Uemura. In turn, The New York Times has credited the star with single-handedly reviving the fake eyelash trend and inspiring women all across America to look like Betty Boop.

So where will this lead? To start, Revlon is jumping on the relatively still-dormant false-eyelash bandwagon after discovering that last year, false-eyelash sales jumped by 30 percent over the previous year – yet remained at a still relatively paltry $15 million in sales (despite overall eye makeup sales of $2.03 billion in 2001).

Enter Revlon’s self-adhesive eyelid strip, marketed by the firm’s Pacific World division, which has synthetic hair – because real human hair droops in rain – and feels a little like cat fur. “Most people were a little freaked out by it,” said a Pacific World rep.

Revlon’s FantasyLengths Maximum Wear Eyelashes now retail for $5.99, and the company, has its fingers crossed that Lopez won’t show up at next year’s Oscars with bare lashes.

As for where Lopez, 34, will next bat her eyelashes, the Hollywood Reporter says that casting is finally set on her next picture, the comedy Monster-in-Law, in which she’ll star as the fiancee of a wonderful guy (Michael Vartan) who has the world’s worst mother (Jane Fonda).

Added to the mix will be comedian Wanda Sykes, who will play Ruby, the Fonda character’s no-nonsense assistant.