By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated June 04, 1998 12:00 AM

Jennifer Lopez will not be at the Grammys this year, she has been telling interviewers as she promotes her new movie, “The Wedding Planner,” because she has a conflicting engagement in Australia. But she will be there for the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. Last year, Lopez stopped the Grammys with her green Donatella Versace dress, which was barely there. The outfit was repeatedly discussed and roundly copied all last year, including on the Halloween segment of the “Today” show, where program anchor Matt Lauer, dressed as Lopez, sported a take-off of the dress (complete with fake cleavage). Thursday morning on “Today,” Lopez told Lauer that she was flattered by his parody, which she happened to catch live as it was being aired last October. “Oh my God,” she said was her reaction. “I really arrived.” Her one criticism actually came from her boyfriend, Sean “Puffy” Combs. She said that Combs objected to “Today” weatherman Al Roker’s all-white “Puffy” Halloween outfit, because Roker sported a hat. “It’s not authentic,” Lopez quoted Combs as saying. (At the Grammys, Combs, dressed in white, did not wear a hat.) When asked by Lauer about the current weapons and bribery trial of Combs, now taking place in a New York courtroom, Lopez politely replied that she had no comment, though she did say, “He is innocent.” On whether she will testify at the trial, Lopez told Lauer, “If they need me.”