The American Hustle nominee repeated last year's slip


Well, that was fast: Jennifer Lawrence has already repeated her Oscars tumble.

A year after slipping on the steps to claim her Academy Award, the American Hustle star lost her balance on the red carpet while waving to fans. (She told reporters she ran into a cone on the ground.)

Luckily, the Best Supporting Actress nominee seems to be unscathed, popping up to laugh at the gaffe with her team.

Fall aside, Lawrence, 23, is looking gorgeous in – what else – fiery Dior. And she kept her Oscar deja vu theme going with her choice of bling, once again wearing a dangly necklace backwards.

But maybe her spill is a good sign. After all, the last time she face-planted at an awards show, she took the top prize home.

Stay with PEOPLE to see if Lawrence makes it on stage again. As the Hunger Games saying goes, may the Oscar odds be ever in this adorably clumsy star’s favor.

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