Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Two Most Embarrassing Moments – And One Involves a Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Gaffe-prone Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence once mistook an older woman for Elizabeth Taylor – without realizing the veteran actress had already died

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Take it from Jennifer Lawrence: There are more embarrassing things than falling face-first while accepting your Oscar.

In an interview on The Tonight Show Wednesday, Lawrence decided it was time to share the two experiences that are actually her most embarrassing moments.

“Everybody thinks they’ve witnessed my most embarrassing moments … but there’s these two really humiliating stories that are my most embarrassing moments that I never talked about because it’s so genuinely embarrassing, ” she tells host Jimmy Fallon. “But now I feel like the statute of limitations on humiliation is up and I’m ready.”

The first story takes place when Lawrence’s film Silver Linings Playbook was making the awards season rounds. Lawrence was at a party, “just in a corner, drinking champagne,” when an older woman came up to her and started talking.

“She was being really, really nice, really complimentary, and in my head I just went, ‘This is Elizabeth Taylor,’ who was dead at the time – who’s still dead,” the actress recalls. “I didn’t know that and so the whole time she’s talking to me, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is Elizabeth Taylor!’ ”

She continues, “And my friend walked by and I grabbed her and I was like, ‘This is Elizabeth Taylor!’ And she was like, ‘No, it’s not.’ And I just took off running.”

The Oscar winner’s other most embarrassing moment occurred at a restaurant in Paris.

“I saw Francis Ford Coppola, but it actually was Francis Ford Coppola,” she says. “I was like, I have to [introduce myself] or I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

“He’s with a giant group of people and I started walking and I noticed I was barefoot but I was like, ‘Eh, maybe they probably won’t notice.’ So I’m barefoot but I introduce myself and I’m like, ‘I’m such a huge fan – The Godfather! – and went on and introduced myself to the whole table,” Lawrence says.

She then says she turned around and went back to her table and “my entire dress was unzipped and my thong was out.”

She adds, “I thought it was my shoes that were going to be the problem!”

But back to JLaw’s habit of tripping all over the place. Her Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 costar Liam Hemsworth spilled the beans on her frequent falls, which he says are “not at all” on purpose, while visiting Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday.

“She’s terrible at walking … I am constantly surprised by how much she falls down without trying at all,” Hemsworth shares before dishing on a behind-the-scenes tumble at a London premiere of their upcoming film.

“We got to the back of the theater and I don’t know why, but one of her heels broke and she went down,” he says. “I picked her up and she now has only one heel so I’m walking her out and we get outside the theater and then a friend of mine comes up like, ‘Hey, good to see you!’ and I let go of Jen to hug this person – [she goes] straight down, hits the ground.”

And although he says he takes “full responsibility for that one,” Hemsworth maintains that the rest of Lawrence’s falls are all her own doing.

“She’s a clumsy, clumsy girl,” he says, laughing.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 hits theaters Friday.

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