Jennifer Lawrence Gives her New BFF Aziz Ansari a Piggyback Ride After Partying with Amy Schumer

Lawrence and Ansari were attending the Saturday Night Live afterparty in support of friend Amy Schumer

Photo: JosiahW/Splash News

True friendship is when one of you gives the other a piggyback ride.

At least, that’s how Aziz Ansari left the Saturday Night Live afterparty this weekend: Riding on Jennifer Lawrence‘s back.

Ansari, 32, and Lawrence, 25, left the Wayfarer Restaurant in New York City following the wrap of SNL, hosted by Amy Schumer.

The trio all hung out in Atlanta last week, when they also went hiking, after the comedians’ touring happened to overlap with Lawrence’s shooting schedule.

They also wreaked a little havoc on the sleep cycle of Schumer’s sister and writer partner, Kim Caramele.

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Schumer, 34, posted an Instagram video of Caramele being awoken by Ansari, as Lawrence stands outside the door.

“Okay what is this, are we writing scripts or staying at a bed and breakfast?” he asks.

“This morning @azizansari and Jen woke up an angel #sleepmanager,” Schumer captioned the video.

Chris Pratt, filming with Lawrence in Atlanta, joined a separate outing of the foursome for a “short film” about Ansari swinging and Pratt looking hot.

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