While she's filming on the East Coast, the actress headed out for a taste of the Far East

Credit: Dave M. Benett/WireImage

Jennifer Lawrence, who is currently in Boston shooting Joy, the story of Miracle Mop inventor Joy Mangano, was out on the town on Saturday evening for some authentic Chinese food.

Lawrence, 24, and a few friends stopped by the Gourmet Dumpling House in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood. The group ordered the restaurant’s famous juicy dumplings, chicken fried rice, spring rolls, and a couple of beers.

“There was a lot of talking [at her table],” said a restaurant employee, who added that the Oscar-winning actress declined to take pictures. “We weren’t able to approach her too much.”

Dressed casually in a dark green cardigan sweater, jeans, glasses, and with her blond hair tied back, Lawrence exited the restaurant amidst a crowd of eager fans.

Earlier on Saturday, she was spotted taking a short stroll through the Back Bay neighborhood, where she’s currently residing. When she noticed there was a large crowd gathered at a nearby Verizon store for an event with Donnie Wahlberg, Lawrence decided to take off.

“She scurried into Lord and Taylor so she wouldn’t be spotted,” said a bystander, who noticed Lawrence’s bodyguard tagging along.

Meanwhile, the actress’s boyfriend, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, was nowhere to be seen.

Lawrence has been hard at work since temporarily moving to Boston to shoot the David O. Russell film, which also stars Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. Jennifer spent most of last week shooting her character’s wedding scene at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts, about 20 miles north of Boston. But eager fans looking to grab a glance of the actress in a wedding dress were out of luck.

“It was locked down tighter than Fort Knox,” says a source. “Once she went in there, she just stayed in there for 14 hours.”

Word is that Russell has requested the film be on serious lockdown, with heavy security and no pictures. The crew has also placed huge black curtains around the film’s base camp to keep prying eyes from sneaking a peek.

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