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There is perhaps nobody in the world that better epitomizes the phrase “friend crush” more than Jennifer Lawrence except, perhaps, Amy Schumer.

So, when Schumer posted a series of adorable photos of the two on vacation together on her Instagram this week, our first thought – after the obligatory, “Why haven’t we been invited?!” – was how right it seems that Lawrence and Schumer would hang out. In fact, it’s downright inevitable that our two top picks for “dream best friend” would one day find their way to each other, and form a squad that puts all others to shame (sorry, Taylor).

And now that we’ve been teased with seeing one of our greatest friendship dreams become a reality, we need Schumer and Lawrence to become the newest power besties in Hollywood. Why?

They Know How to Have Fun
Have two people ever, in the history of Jet Skis, looked like they were having more fun than Lawrence and Schumer do in this picture? No, we didn’t think so.

They Already Love Each Other
Lawrence, who is a well-known reality TV fan, fell in love with Schumer when she brought her signature attitude to The Bachelorette. So, when Lawrence was giving interviews at San Diego Comic-Con in July, she used her platform to publicly campaign for Schumer to become the newest face of the franchise. When Schumer found out that Lawrence was a fan, she naturally flipped out. Everyone knows mutual admiration is the first step toward everlasting friendship.

They Have the Same Taste in TV
The Bachelor? Both huge fans. How about The Real Housewives? Yep, every single iteration. Keeping Up With the Kardashians? You know it. In fact, Lawrence and Schumer’s TV preferences are so similar that we’re really only left with two questions: When can we join them for a marathon, and should we bring red wine or white?

They Share a Sense of Humor
Schumer has become a household name thanks to her raucous, raunchy and incredibly unapologetic TV sketches, and Lawrence has never shied away from innuendo and inappropriate jokes. Plus, both are famous for having potty mouths, which means hanging out with them would be a f—ing great time.

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They Speak Their Minds and Say What We’re All Thinking

Lawrence has never been one to filter her thoughts before making a speech, talking to reporters or appearing on a talk show, and that unapologetic candor is partially why we love her so much. Schumer is equally outspoken – remember her amazing Glamour Awards speech? – which means that between the two of them, there’s no fear of anyone not being upfront about their feelings (which means, no drama).

They’ve Already Got This Whole Squad Thing On Lock
The term #SquadGoals has officially been redefined:

We’ve never wanted to live vicariously through someone else’s friendship more than we do now. Thank you, Amy and Jennifer.