The Broadway legend publicly opened about his sexuality in January

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated October 01, 2015 12:00 AM
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Jennifer Grey continues to be her father Joel Grey‘s biggest supporter since he publicly came out as gay in January.

And on Tuesday, the Dirty Dancing actress updated fans on how happy the Broadway legend has been when the duo attended the screening of Amazon Prime’s new comedy series Red Oaks.

“He’s a lot more gay!” Grey, 55, joked. “The truth is, he’s a lot happier. He feels very light, his energy feels light and joyful.

“It feels like there’s just more of a skip in his step. And it just feels like he’s alive.”

The Oscar-winning actor, 83, told PEOPLE exclusively that his friends and family “had known for years” but felt it was time to embrace his sexuality to all – a decision that inspires his daughter day to day.

“When he came out, I was so thrilled for him and for anybody who is able to fully be themselves without having any secrets and without having to make any excuses and without having any loss of self-esteem, and just declare, this is who I am,” she proudly shared.

“I just think that’s the key to a happy life. And to feel fully alive in one’s body, and it’s all congruent – the inner and the outer life can be one.”

Also at the Amazon event, Joel Grey shared how his life has changed since coming out.

“No different! I’m the same guy. I’m pretty happy,” he said also explaining that their father-daughter relationship is tighter than ever.

“She’s so connected to me in the best sense, and to everybody that she’s close to. She’s such an artist and she’s such a heart-filled person.”

Reporting by HAIWEN LU