"I'm assuming we'll have at least one more, but not for a while," says the mother of 1-year-old Violet

By Monique Jessen
March 09, 2007 10:45 AM

Jennifer Garner admits there are pitfalls to being a Hollywood mom – but she and husband Ben Affleck are planning to have another baby, anyway.

“I’m assuming we’ll have at least one more, but not for a while,” the former Alias star – and mother of 1-year-old daughter Violet – tells the British edition of Marie Claire in its April issue.

Regarding the problems of raising a child in Hollywood, where parental indulgence often outweighs discipline, Garner tells the magazine, “If anyone has any ideas, let me know!”

Garner, 34, is keenly aware of what it is like not to have everything growing up. Speaking of her humble beginnings – Garner’s grandmother made the family’s clothes out of flour sacks – she says she is conscious of not spoiling her daughter.

“It’s tough, I do love to buy little girls’ clothes,” she says. Her husband is not so firm, however. “Ben would buy her anything. So we’re going to have to pull back when she realizes what we’re doing.”

For his part, says his wife, Affleck, also 34, “has an incredible work ethic, not taking anything for granted. We want that so badly for her.”

Since her birth, Violet has also taught her mom a thing or two. “Since having my daughter,” Garner says, “I feel both happiness and anxiety more deeply.”

One example she cites: “Last night I read this script about cancer and had to get out of bed, get a drink of water and watch Grey’s Anatomy, it was so terrifying to me.”