Jennifer, Brad: Nope

Jennifer Aniston says recent reports of her impending marriage to actor Brad Pitt are greatly exaggerated. “No! No! And that’s what’s so amusing — all these detailed stories claiming, ‘Two sources said,’ or ‘I have sources,’ yet nothing ever comes from the horse’s mouth. I just watch and laugh,” Aniston says in the March 4 edition of Rolling Stone magazine. The “Friends” star also refuted allegations by critics who say the couple are trying to attract publicity by denying the relationship. “No. It’s not that at all,” she says. “My responsibility to the public is my work — not what goes on in my private life.” As it is, Aniston, who just turned 30, says she’s not desperate to get married. “I’m not itching for it,” she said. “It’s something that, hopefully, at one time in my life, I’ll be able to do.”

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