Jennifer Behm: Sunday Funday Pub Food at Home

Hanging out, whether at a local pub or on the patio, can make a hot day cool

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Season 2 MasterChef winner Jennifer Behm is a food lover, owner of Pink Martini Catering, a soon to be wife, an adventurer – and this summer a food blogger for

As a kid, I think I spent every day at the pool in the summer. As a teen, I spent hours cruising in my best friends Honda Prelude, – yep, sunroof open rocking to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! In college, most of my summer days were spent mountain biking, surfing, playing soccer and laughing with friends.

Now, as an adult, I love having my friends and family for Sunday Funday – sometimes just to hang out at the local pub (love that one, because cleanup is so easy, LOL). And sometimes it is great just to sit on the patio with my dog Zoe, fiancé and a cold bevie. Funny how things change.

So, let’s chat about pub food: A killer burger always a MUST! Bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onion, mayo, lettuce and tomato – sorry kids, no ketchup for this kid. Oh, yeah, and throw the pickles on the side! Helz, yeah! I love a burger with grilled jalapenos and a cucumber aoli. Gosh, making my mouth water!

Finding a spot with a veggie burger that blows your mind can be challenging. I have mine, three blocks from the house. All I can say is, AVOCADO!

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Here‘s where I add ketchup. I mix it with mayo oh, divine sauce for dipping chips, fries or just about anything.

Okay, and let’s be for real: Making friends with the bartender is NEVER a bad thing. Then you can ask for odd drinks that normally would get you a look sideways. For instance? I love a kumquat mojito, or Fresca vanilla vodka (tastes like a Creamsicle).

At home: Slow apple-smoked beer chicken-Natty Bo is my choice – the smoke serves an additional purpose by keeping the bugs away (I get eaten like I am the Mecca for mosquitoes – right now you can play connect the dots on my arms and legs.) It also makes my tummy hungry.

Opening the husks of some sweet Jersey corn, add some chipotle butter and return husks around the outside and tie with kitchen twine. Char the outside and enjoy the succulent yummies. Don’t like it on the cob? Remove it from the cob, then small cube some cucumber and half red and yellow tomatoes.

Drinks: I love ½ OJ, ½ cranberry, ½ lime club soda – refreshing! When I am looking for a beer, I love it so cold it is like a slushy. My two go-to drinks are a Dark and Stormy (reminds me of the islands) and a Maycuya (aka, passion fruit and ginger vodka with a splash of club soda).

Now, grab your friends and have a BLAST!

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