Jennifer Aniston's Visit from Brad's Mom

Aniston welcomes a special guest on Father's Day: her ex mother-in-law

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt split more than two years ago – but that wasn’t the end of Aniston’s relationship with Pitt’s parents.

In fact, on Sunday – Father’s Day – Pitt’s Springfield, Mo.-based mother, Jane, dropped by Aniston’s Malibu home for a quick chat.

Odd that the actress is still close to her former in-laws? No way, says Pitt’s brother Doug. “Jennifer is a friend of Brad’s,” he tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “Why wouldn’t she be a friend of ours?”

This certainly wasn’t the first time Aniston has connected with her ex’s family – Jane and Pitt’s sister Julie visited her in Chicago in 2005 while she was filming The Break-Up with future boyfriend Vince Vaughn, and Aniston told Vanity Fair she and Jane keep in regular touch.

But Aniston is hardly pining for her ex – just days before Jane’s visit, she had another VIP guest: her new beau, British model Paul Sculfor, who stopped by on June 15.

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