Jennifer Aniston Visits Vince in London

The couple catch a musical in the British capital after spending nearly a month apart

The romance between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn moved on to London this weekend where the duo reunited after nearly a month apart.

The couple, who attended the musical Wicked at London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre, “arrived by car together to see the Saturday matinee just before 2.30 p.m.,” a spokesman for the theatre tells PEOPLE.

“During the interval they went to the White Room, a public bar within the theatre, and had a drink,” the spokesman adds. “They left together by car after the end of the show.”

Earlier this month, rumors swirled about a possible rift between the couple because Aniston hadn’t visited Vaughn, 36, who has been in London since late last month filming Fred Claus, a comedy about Santa’s jealous older brother. However, Aniston, 37, shot down the reports when she told Oprah Winfrey on Oct. 10 that they’re still together.

Asked if they’d split, the actress told Winfrey, “No, no,” and added sweetly that Vaughn is “a regular guy.”

“Vince and Jen are fine despite the distance,” a friend of the couple told PEOPLE earlier this month. “Don’t believe the hype.”

At least one friend of Vaughn’s did acknowledge that the couple experienced a “cooling off” period late last summer over where to take the relationship. Still, they are now making it clear that they’re hanging in despite busy schedules.

Vaughn’s movie is shooting in London through December. Aniston meanwhile has been working on her own projects: Just last week she made her New York stage debut in the 24 Hour Plays benefit, and has been promoting Room 10, the short film she codirected with friend Andrea Buchanan as part of the Glamour Reel Moments series.

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