"I wasn't trying to make any kind of statement!" she says of posing for GQ

By Nina Burleigh
Updated December 12, 2008 01:50 PM
Credit: James Devaney/WireImage

Looking stunning and dressed for the occasion, provocative cover girl Jennifer Aniston worked the red carpet with costar Owen Wilson at Thursday’s Los Angeles premiere of their comedy Marley and Me, at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood.

Summing up the film’s universal appeal – Marley is a tale about a dog – Aniston, 39, called it “a true story, about a family and their life.”

With nearly everyone also interested in the tale behind Aniston’s new eye-opening GQ cover, the star was asked what sort of message she was trying to send by wearing nothing more than a necktie for the magazine.

She replied, with a laugh: “I wasn’t trying to make any kind of statement!”

Aniston’s boyfriend, John Mayer, did have something to say, on the other hand. Arriving about 10 minutes before Aniston and Wilson, the musician told reporters that he was there to “support my girl.”

Meanwhile, Marley costars Eric Dane and Alan Arkin also spoke up – in support of Aniston’s GQ pose.

“I’m going to renew my subscription,” said Dane. “”She always looks fabulous, she will look fabulous at 50.”

Concurred Arkin: “I have to admit it, she looks great. My my initial reaction was, God, I wish I had a tie like that.”