The Marley & Me star answers readers' burning questions about life, love – and canine jealousy

By Julie Jordan
Updated December 17, 2008 08:20 AM

It’s been a big year for Jennifer Aniston: A new home in Beverly Hills, a new boyfriend (musician John Mayer, 31) and a new comedy, Marley & Me (costarring Owen Wilson), which hits theaters Christmas day.

The Hollywood star sat down with PEOPLE to answer questions submitted by readers about life, love, finding happiness – and canine jealousy.

How did your dogs [Norman and Dolly] react to your Marley costars? Was there any intense jealousy?
– Misti Bell, Bridge City, Texas
Aniston: Oh, play it for me, Misti! Dolly didn’t travel to Miami because she is too young at 2 ½, and to put her in a trailer didn’t seem fair. All Norman wants to do is just lie at my feet, which is what I like. [The trainers] were strict about letting the Marleys play with other dogs. But there was no jealousy because Norman is very secure. Norman is now 13, but even back [as a puppy] he was as cool as a cucumber. He’s just a person in a dog suit.

Do you think you will remarry?
– Kizzi Lewellen, Childress, Texas
Aniston: I don’t know! I honestly don’t know. I’m not against it. Maybe (smiles). Maybe, sure.

What have you learned from dating [in the public eye?]
– Amy Greene, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Aniston: (Laughs) That if you start to date somebody, by the third date, you can guarantee I’ll be pregnant with twins.

What’s your favorite yoga pose?
– Erin Tallis, Jacksonville Beach, Fla.
Aniston: I’m so terrible with names Child pose. And it’s a mix between that and Tree pose. [Tree] has good balance and I like how it feels.

What bad habit do you dislike the most in a man?
– Janet Windsor, London, Ontario, Canada
Aniston: Janet, let’s see, selfishness. No, that’s a behavior. What’s a bad habit? I’d say forgetting to turn off the lights.

Do you carry on any of your childhood holiday traditions? What are some you’ve created for yourself?
– Jillian Sexton, Nova Scotia
Aniston: My favorite tradition is picking out my tree and then the tree trimming. I just got mine! And there’s eggnog, Christmas carols, usually chili, cupcakes. I’ve cooked the chili – my mom has a great recipe. But now I have a lovely lady cook it because I want people to be happy!

Are you looking forward to turning 40?
– Marisa Grill, Cleveland
Aniston: I’m very excited. I had more of a panic going into 30. I think you realize that it just gets better. When they say youth is wasted on the young, it’s so true. Oh my God, what I wish I’d known when I was 30!

When you’re having a bad day, what inspires you?
– Laurie Pharr, Austin, Texas
Aniston: You just have to love your life. I have my health, I have my friends, I have my loved ones. I’m extremely lucky.

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