Whitney Cummings said her wedding gift to Jennifer Aniston was a ring with Justin Theroux's initials on it
Credit: FilmMagic; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Leave it to Whitney Cummings to spill the beans.

It’s been nearly two months since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married in a secret backyard ceremony, and even though the newlyweds have both sounded off on just how they kept their nuptials a secret for so long, there are still so many details that have yet to be revealed about the special night.

How did guests get the invite? How did the first dance play out? And, of course, just how much did folks enjoy those lively drinks?

Well, thanks for Cummings, those questions have now been answered. The comedian didn’t hold back while dishing on her pals’ wedding to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night.

While most wedding invitations are carefully hand-selected by the bride and groom, Cummings, 33, said Aniston and Theroux kept their invites low-key. Joking that she was the least famous person there, Cummings revealed that guests were invited to the wedding ceremony – which was disguised as a birthday party – through a simple email.

Cummings revealed that, to keep the ceremony under wraps, guests (including herself) had to hand over their cellphones for the night.

As for a wedding gift, Cummings said she gave the Mother’s Day actress a ring with Theroux’s initials on it.

“I basically gave her an engagement ring for her wedding,” she joked. “It was very weird.”

And of course, when Cohen asked Cummings who the drunkest person was at the star-studded wedding, she simply replied, “Me.”

The comedian also confirmed that the couple’s first dance as newlyweds was during a performance of Sia’s hit song, “Chandelier.”

“It was pretty good,” she admitted.

But perhaps one of the night’s most memorable moments came from Howard Stern‘s “hilarious” speech. “All he did was talk about how he didn’t know Justin well enough to be there. It was very funny.”

Stern was one of the first of the guests to dish on the star-studded wedding. He revealed that he was one of the few people to know about the wedding ahead of time.

“They contacted us and said, ‘Please don’t tell anyone,’ ” he explained, noting that Theroux asked him to prepare a speech.