Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Push Back Their Wedding Plans

A few months ago, she was excited to be planning a wedding, sources say. Now it's on the back burner


Very little black dress? Check. Friends to laugh with? Check. Toned arms, tanned legs? Check and check. Fiancé by her side? Not so fast …

At the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards on June 8, Jennifer Aniston may have been flying solo without spouse-to-be Justin Theroux, but that didn’t mean marriage was off her mind.

Taking the mic to playfully jab honoree Jimmy Kimmel, with her supersize diamond ring from Theroux on full display, Aniston cheekily acknowledged the obsession with her marital status.

“Like me, you got engaged this year,” she addressed Kimmel in front of the crowd. “Unlike [with] me, nobody cares.”

In the 10 months since their August 2012 engagement, all eyes have been on Aniston, 44, with fans wondering just when she will become Mrs. Theroux.

But multiple sources in contact with Aniston and her inner circle (who spoke anonymously to protect their relationships with the actress) say that plans for the much-anticipated wedding, under way earlier this year, appear to have stalled.

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