He's pals with the Black Keys, likes ice cream and has profiled Afghan skateboarders

By Tim Nudd
August 17, 2012 07:45 AM
Bauer Griffin

Jennie Garth’s new man, Noah Abrams, has photographed some of the world’s biggest music stars. But the snapshot of Abrams himself remains a little blurry.

Is the man behind the lens ready for his close-up?

Abrams, 33, is best known for photographing the contemporary music and commercial fashion scenes, having shot for magazines like Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated and GQ, among others.

Here are five more things to know about the man spotted holding hands with Garth:

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1. His celebrity photos range from intimate to chaotic
Abrams has quite the impressive portfolio on his website, ranging from arresting portraits of actresses like Hayden Panettiere and Zoe Saldana to intimate snapshots of athletes like skateboarder Tony Hawk and surfer Kelly Slater, to chaotic tour images of musical acts like Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Ben Harper.

2. He’s making a documentary about the Black Keys
Abrams was on tour with the Akron, Ohio, rock duo for much of the first half of this year, and is good friends with Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. He tells Spin that he hopes to make “a buddy comedy with perhaps the greatest soundtrack of all time,” he says, adding, “I’m fortunate enough to know both these guys pretty well and their relationship is pretty incredible and very funny.”

3. He photographed skateboarders in Afghanistan for a stunning series
Far from the bright lights of Los Angeles, where he’s based, Abrams discovered a small but thriving skateboarding scene in Afghanistan – and documented it in a remarkable series of photos. He was inspired by a YouTube clip he’d stumbled upon showing Afghan kids skateboarding in Kabul. “It struck me as the most positive image I’d seen in a long time,” he told The New York Times. “I had to figure out a way to get over there.”

4. He posts a regular photo diary of his travels online
Want to keep up with Abrams? He posts images from the road regularly on his personal Tumblr account.

5. He’s got some interesting hobbies, too
On the bio page of his website, Abrams says he spends his downtime “riding motorcycles, eating ice cream, and writing biographies of himself in the third person.” Well, that explains the Dairy Queen drive-through photo on his Tumblr.

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