Daughter Chiquis Rivera asks fans to "keep her alive in your hearts"

Jenni Rivera‘s children keep her memory alive by throwing a big bash every year on her birthday – and there’s always music, good food and tequila.

“It’s a day to tell her that we love her, miss her, that we hope she’s proud of what we’re doing, how we are celebrating her life and legacy,” her eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera, tells People en Español.

Rivera was 43 years old when she was killed in a plane crash in 2012.

“Thank all of you for still supporting her career,” Chiquis, 29, who is also a singer, says. “Please, I ask you to keep her alive in your hearts, pray for her and always remember she was a very happy woman.”

“On her birthday, we always think about her with much love and with the beautiful smile that she had,” Chiquis says of her siblings, Jacquie, 24, and Michael, 23, from Rivera’s first marriage, and her half-siblings Jenicka, 17, and Johnny, 13, from her second.

Rivera would have been 45 on July 2.