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Trailer break-ins and story plotlines stop The Office star from wearing jewelry to work

August 09, 2009 01:00 PM

Jenna Fischer may not wear a special piece of jewelry on her ring finger all the time – but that doesn’t mean she’s not happily engaged.

“I always see these tabloid reports about certain people being ‘Spotted Without Their Wedding Ring!’ like it’s some big deal,” Fischer, 35, writes on her MySpace page, where she answers questions from fans.

The Office star, who plans to tie the knot with writer Lee Kirk, says she doesn’t wear any jewelry to work – including her engagement ring – because she “would have to take it off and leave it in my trailer, which I would never do.”

“They aren’t that secure,” Fischer explains. “Break-ins happen all the time. So if I go someplace after work I could be ‘spotted’ without my ring. It means nothing.”

Security reasons aside, the actress says she has another ring to wear while working on The Office set.

“Pam has her own engagement ring. She actually has two!” Fischer says about her character, Pam Beesley. “Most people do not wear their own wedding rings while they are working – this includes TV, movies and photo shoots for magazines.”

As for what’s in store for the upcoming season of the Emmy-nominated show, “[It] will pick up in real time,” says Fischer. “Pam is just out of her first trimester but isn’t really showing yet. The cool part about playing Pregnant Pam is that my real-life sister Emily is pregnant I find out how she’s feeling, what she’s going through. It’s the best resource ever!”
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