The Actress Had to Quickly Learn Some British Customs While Overseas


Jenna Fischer says one of the best parts about filming her new comedy You, Me and the Apocalypse was the chance to work in London.

The actress, 41, spent six months living in the U.K with her husband Lee Kirk and their children Weston, 4, and Harper, 1.

“It was a really special experience for my family and fun for me,” she says.

But the former Office star admits one thing that caught her off guard after moving there was London’s tea time.

“They legitimately stop for tea at 4:00pm every day,” she tells PEOPLE is this week’s issue on stands Friday. “We had curtains installed and at 4 p.m., the curtain man stopped and asked me for tea. I didn’t have any! I didn’t know that was a real thing.”

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When not working, Fischer says she had a blast exploring the city adding a highlight was getting to have a picnic with her family on the lawn outside Buckingham Palace.

“We thought ‘look at us having lunch on the queen’s lawn!’ ”