Jenna Fischer Has Her First 'Paparazzi Moment'

The Office actress has a run-in with a photog in Beverly Hills

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when someone cares that you went grocery shopping. Such was the case for The Office‘s Jenna Fischer, who has alerted fans on her MySpace blog that “It finally happened! I was stalked by the paparazzi!!!”

Fischer, 33, says the incident occurred while she and her sister were walking out of a Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills. “I walk outside and a photographer pops up from behind some cars and points this HUGE camera in my direction.”

Said Fischer: “My first thought was ‘Whoa! There must be a famous person shopping here!’ I turned around to see who it was. That’s when I realized the famous person was me. I freaked out.”

The actress says she and her sister didn’t know how to react – so they just smiled.

“I started smiling,” she writes. “And then my sister started smiling. Like, big stupid smiles. Because that’s what you do when you load groceries in your trunk right? You smile! Because loading groceries is SO FUN! YAY! Look at how much we LOVE to load groceries everyone!”

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