Jenna Bush Outs Her Mom as 'Secret Rastafarian'

The former first daughter talks about family time at their Crawford ranch

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Productions

What does former First Lady Laura Bush have on her iPod? The answer may surprise you.

“My mom’s a secret Rastafarian,” her daughter Jenna says in an interview scheduled to air on the Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday, “so [she plays] Bob Marley” around the house.

Appearing on the show with her sister Barbara and mom Laura, who was promoting her new memoir Spoken from the Heart, Jenna explains what a typical night at the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Texas, is like. There’s the music (the family also listens to “old country [songs],” Jenna says), family activities and plenty of food.

“We don’t really cook dinner if I’m gonna be honest,” Jenna says. “Somebody cooks dinner and we sit around and we talk and we laugh and we do puzzles and we get in bed by 9:00.”

Teases Laura: “They didn’t use to.”

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