Jenna Bush Heading South of Border

The first daughter is taking up teaching in Latin America

First daughter Jenna Bush, who for the past year and a half taught third grade at Washington’s Mount Pleasant charter school, is going to leave the nation’s capital and continue her teaching career in Latin America, reports The Washington Post.

Bush, 24, should be in place South of the Border by the end of summer, says the paper. The White House had no comment when asked of the plans and of the cost to taxpayers for the first daughter’s security in the faraway post.

As the Post notes, Jenna’s departure will leave D.C. “twinless.” Her sister, Barbara, lives in New York City and is working in education programming at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Until the big move, Jenna, whose place has been packed up, will camp out with her parents in the White House, says the newspaper.

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