Jenn Sterger Calls Brett Favre Texting Scandal 'Humiliating'

Jenn Sterger says the whole sordid episode turned her life "upside down"

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The woman who allegedly received unwelcome racy photos and voicemails from NFL star Brett Favre is finally speaking up about the sordid saga, saying she never tried to make money off the situation and that the whole thing was “humiliating” for her.

“I’m not a gold-digger,” Jenn Sterger, 27, tells Good Morning America in interviews airing this week. “I haven’t made a dime off anything in this whole situation. Not from the pictures. Not from Favre. I never wanted to sue anyone. That was never an intention of mine.”

Favre allegedly sent voicemails and nude pictures of himself to Sterger in 2008, when he was playing for the Jets and she was the team’s game-day host. The voicemails and photos became public this past October, when posted them online.

Sterger says she doesn’t know how Favre got her number, although she claims she was approached during the pre-season by “a man wearing a Jets badge” who asked her how she’d feel if Favre asked for her number.

“I just looked at him, my usual smart-ass self. And I said, ‘I’d say I like my job an awful lot. And I’ve been told I look remarkably like his wife,’ ” Sterger says. She says she didn’t give the man her number and thought “that was the end of it.”

Sterger has kept a low profile in recent months, but says her life was turned “upside down” by the scandal.

“You know, I was trying to go to work. Do my job,” she says. “But how are you supposed to report on the news when you are the news? It was tough. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. All I wanted to do was go to work. Do my job. That’s all I wanted.”

Favre, now 41 and retired, was fined $50,000 in December for being less than “candid” during the investigation, though the NFL said it could not prove conclusively that he sent the texts.

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