Courteney and David spend their anniversary with Friends in L.A.

By Beth Perry and Kate Stroup
Updated June 13, 2008 09:00 AM

It’s good to have Friends.

Jennifer Aniston met up with BFF Courteney Cox for a humanitarian event at L.A.’s STK restaurant Thursday night – and both brought along the men in their lives.

John Mayer arrived just before 9 p.m., kissing Cox hello and settling next to Aniston (who wore a sleeveless black shirt, grey pants and sky-high strappy sandals). She quickly slipped her arm around him and, a few minutes later, she playfully tousled the singer’s hair.

David Arquette joined them later – after catching the end of the Lakers-Celtics game at the front bar – and the group sat chatting over glasses wine. It was a cozy anniversary celebration for Cox and Arquette, who were married June 12, 1999.

After the STK dinner and event, which was hosted by OmniPeace founder Mary Fanaro and sponsored by Kitson, the group headed next door to Coco de Ville for the OmniPeace event honoring Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, co-founder of the anti-poverty organization Millennium Promise.

Good Deeds

Aniston greeted Sachs – famous for his philanthropic work with Angelina Jolie – with a warm hug, and the two sat in intense conversation for more than 20 minutes. (Later, Aniston and Mayer discreetly held hands under the table while catching up with Cox and Arquette.)

“[Jen] is absolutely wonderful,” Sachs told PEOPLE later. “She knows that she reaches so many people and is eager to contribute in many ways. It was absolutely fantastic to speak with her.”

As for some of his other celebrity supporters – Jolie and Aniston’s ex, Brad Pitt – the author of Millennium Promise offered glowing praise.

“They’re so much fun and so committed,” he said. “Angie is just boundless energy, creativity, endlessly so … And Brad is so committed as well with what he’s been doing in New Orleans on environmental issues. It’s phenomenal.”