Jen and Ben's Very Bad Week Continues

As if this past weekend’s D.O.A. debut of their movie “Gigli” wasn’t enough, newspapers around the globe are now speculating about whether Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s offscreen romance is on the rocks.

The alleged evidence? Affleck’s visit to a Vancouver strip club on July 17 (just hours after their intimate “Dateline NBC” interview aired) followed by conflicting reports over whether Lopez has taken off the $1 million 25-carat, diamond-and-platinum engagement ring Affleck gave her.

Britain’s Sky News is going so far as to report that Lopez, 34, is telling friends that the relationship has finished. Meanwhile, Tuesday’s New York Post said that last weekend, the bride-to-be — purportedly upset about Affleck’s antics in the Northwest Canadian city (his visit appears on the front page of this week’s National Enquirer) — flew to L.A. and went dancing with friends.

The engagement ring was not on her finger, says the paper.

Affleck, 33, meanwhile reportedly remained in Vancouver, wrapping his movie, “Paycheck.”

Lopez’s spokesperson tells USA Today that J.Lo was aware in advance that Ben was heading to a strip club and that it was fine with her. The rep also said the couple’s wedding (whose date has never been revealed, despite the best efforts of “Dateline” to find out) is still on.

Affleck’s spokesperson also dismissed any suggestion that the two are unhappy.

The National Enquirer called on Affleck to take a lie-detector test this week after splashing him on their cover. The tabloid reported that strippers at a club named Brandi’s entertained Affleck, and he eventually engaged in sexual activity with one, the tabloid says. He then reportedly ran into Tara Reid, Christian Slater and his wife, Ryan Haddon, at the club, and the party moved on to Slater’s house, the Enquirer claimed.

Speaking to USA Today, Reid labeled the Enquirer story “garbage.”

The New York Post also quoted one of the alleged strippers as saying that Affleck, who’s been through rehab, was “drinking water” and never touched any of the strippers.

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